Horizon Foods located in Golden, Colorado, ships nationwide. They also offer free home delivery in the Denver metropolitan area. Please visit their website or call (303) 215-0333.

Krehbiels Meat located in McPherson, KS also ships nationwide.


Locating Village Pie Maker Pies

We appreciate your interest in our product. Most of our distribution is handled through warehouses. In the past we delivered all our pies. In many cases now we really don't know for sure exactly where our pies can be found! The following information is designed to help you buy your favorite variety of Village Pie Maker pie.

Click on the name of the state below and see where our pies are sold near you!

Arkansas Missouri
Colorado Nebraska
Illinois North Dakota
Indiana New Mexico
Iowa Oklahoma
Kansas South Dakota
Kentucky Texas
Michigan Wisconsin
Minnesota Wyoming


We still deliver to some Hy-Vee stores. Most Hy-Vee stores do not have access to Village Pie Maker pies. All the Hy-Vee locations in Lincoln, NE and all but two of the Omaha, NE stores stock Village Pie Maker pies. You'll also find inventory in both stores in Council Bluffs, IA plus the locations in Columbus, Fremont, Grand Island and Papillion, NE. There may be other Hy-Vee locations that have Village Pie Maker pies but we cannot be certain.


This chain has stores all over Iowa plus locations in Omaha, Nebraska City, and Papillion, NE. In addition Fareway has three stores in Minnesota: Stewartville, Worthington and Fairmont. There are also stores in Moline and Geneseo, Illinois. Each store manager runs his operation as s/he sees fit. Village Pie Maker pies are stocked in their Boone, IA warehouse but they must be ordered for you to have access to them in your favorite Fareway.

UPC Number Variety
89112300201 Apple
89112300202 Berry Medley
89112300204 Blueberry
89112300205 Cherry
89112300209 Raspberry-Peach
89112300211 Strawberry-Rhubarb

Associated Wholesale Grocers (Kansas City)

This warehouse is a co-op and they serve stores in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. Each store orders the merchandise it wants to stock. Unfortunately AWG, KC considers Village Pie Maker pies as a bakery item so you usually won't find them in freezer case next to the other frozen items you buy. Here are the varieties available:

Code Variety
078295 Apple
078154 Berry Medley
077933 Cherry
078303 Peach
077990 Strawberry-Rhubarb
077934 Blueberry


Good luck in your search for Village Pie Maker pies. We'd love to receive an email from you regarding your quest at