About Us

Here at The Village PieMaker we make every pie with consistent care. Each pie is a hefty deep-dish 10" pie that will easily serve eight happy pie-lovers.


We make all of our pastry and fruity fillings from scratch, never any canned stuff. Our pastry is buttery and flakey, gently rolled, then crimped by hand. Making pies is a family tradition.

My grandma taught me to make pies. When my grandma was a young woman, about to marry my granddad, she had to go live with her future mother-in-law for two weeks prior to the wedding so she could learn to cook the way her future husband was accustomed. One thing she learned to make were pies.

Once married, she made pies every day for the ranch hands, farm labor, and hay crews. My grandma taught me about pastry making and "feeling the dough". In our family we have been making pies for generations.


When you pull one of our pies out of the oven it will look like you spent hours in the kitchen. And you can say you baked it yourself because you did!

So, if you are looking for a tasty, decadent dessert to finish off that special holiday meal or just to treat yourself and your family to a hot, fresh-baked pie, look no further than The Village PieMaker.